Mobile Healthcare in the Home:

Three Best Mobility Devices 2018

Among the most frequented reasons why a family chooses in-home healthcare in Spartanburg or wherever they live, for their loved ones is the lack of personal mobility. Although Visiting Angels of Spartanburg does our best to help, we know that we can’t always be there when they need us.

Below are some of the best personal mobility devices that we can find. Hopefully, it allows them the freedom they need until we can return to them.

RELNYC Folding Scooter

Does it ever feel as if your mobility device somehow makes getting around even more inconvenient? You aren’t the only one; even those in good health have difficulty maneuvering those bulky scooters.

At the 2018 CES Innovation awards, RELNYC debuted their revolutionary new design, pitched at an MSRP of just $3,800. Not only is the RELNYC R1 lighter and more compact, but it folds into a suitcase-like shape and can get stowed away easily in cars, airplanes, and other vehicles.

HurryCane Freedom Edition

All too often new mobility devices wind up being little more than a gimmick. However, the HurryCane Freedom Edition is a quirky, practical upgrade to the humble cane.

The HurryCane Freedom Edition completely collapses, folding up into something small enough to get stored on a seat next to you or a large pocket. Best of all, it folds back out in a matter of seconds, allowing you to go from a sitting or lying position to on your feet in no time.

Nautilus 600 Stair Lift

Numerous conditions can make walking up and down stairs treacherous. The Nautilus 600 Stair Lift is a safer solution built with comfort and ease of use in mind.

This stair lift system provides a 600-pound capacity, 90-degree swivel, and a 25-inch seat, making it the ideal choice for virtually anyone. The track stretches 40 feet, and it just needs a standard wall outlet to operate.

How Do You Know If Your Loved One Needs Respite Care?

What is respite care and how do you know when it is needed? Respite care is when the primary caregiver: often a spouse, son, or daughter, needs a break from the caregiver role. Visiting Angels of Spartanburg, Taylors & Greer is brought in for this purpose. The family member can then leave the home to complete their personal tasks of appointments, shopping, or just a time to rejuvenate. This time away allows them a much-needed break from the caregiver role. They can leave the home knowing their loved one is taken care of by one of our angels and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Respite care may be needed if the caregiver is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or falling behind on their own personal care. Sometimes a 4 hour break a week is all that is needed to make all the difference in the world. This is not the time to feel guilty that you are not doing enough as the family member. Caregiving is a difficult job and if you, as the caregiver, are becoming run down, you cannot care to the best of your ability.

If respite care is something that would be helpful to you do not hesitate to reach out. 864-881-0520 Call Today!

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Spartanburg Visiting Angels Caregiver Hiring Process

JmaxeyHi everybody, this is Jeanette Maxey, the Director of Visiting Angels of Spartanburg. I wanted to talk to you little bit about caregivers. I wanted to give you a better idea of what we do as we are hiring caregivers, what they go through in the screening process, before I send them in to the homes of our clients. First when someone calls me and they are interested in a caregiver position, I talk to them over the phone, just to see if they have the experience that I am looking for. If they have experience in caregiving, if they have a nurse’s assistant certification, I just get to know them over the phone. Are they an upbeat person, do they have a talkative personality; I want to send caregivers into the homes that are also going to be enjoyable to be with, with our clients. So, I get to know them a little bit over the phone, they then complete some prescreening documents for me, so that I can start checking their references and I talk to their former employer, to see what kind of employee that have been in the past. I want to make sure they are a dependable caregiver so that I know if I send them into a home, they are going to show up, they are going to be a good trustworthy caregiver for me and for my client.


Once they complete that process, and everything looks okay, I bring them in for a face-to-face interview. We actually meet this person, get to know them, talk to them about their training experiences, why they’re a caregiver, what do they love about caregiving, so we can get a feel for who they are and what kind of caregiver they are. After that time, they complete some more prescreening documents so we can start doing their background checks. DHEC, who is our licensing entity in the state of South Carolina, requires a SLED background check, which is our state background check. We go beyond that here at Visiting Angels; we do county background checks, a federal and national background check. We check the DMV, the CNA registry check and the sex offender registry. So, we want to make sure that our caregivers are screened, that we’re sending safe people into the home that we can rely on, to be taking care of you and your loved ones.


After that, when they have passed all of that, we bring them back into the office, we do some training, we do some orientation, we get to know them even more, finding out all we can to know about this person, before we actually go ahead and move in to the hiring process. So, I want to be confident in the caregivers that we hire here at Visiting Angels, we want to do a careful job, so that when you call me and you’re looking for a caregiver for your loved one or for yourself, you know that I am hiring the very best people that I possibly can to be sending in to take care of you.


So that just tells you a little bit about our process when we are looking for caregivers. If you know someone who’d be an excellent caregiver have them give us a call. If you are looking for care for you or a loved one, please give us a call here at Visiting Angels. Our number is 864-881-0520. Thank you.

Spartanburg Visiting Angels Your First Step

Hi, this is Jeanette Maxey, the director of Visiting Angels of Spartanburg. I am in my car again because I am doing one of my favorite things and that is going out to meet our clients. I am meeting a new client today. I just wanted to talk to you about what the first stage in the process is after I’ve gotten a phone call and families are ready to talk about services, very specifically or even ready to start services. What we do is we come out and I get to meet with all the family members who are part of the process with their loved one. I answer any questions that you guys have, make referrals for our community and assess what care needs are needed in the home. And that is really our first time together, it is a very enjoyable time, you get to meet me, you get to hear about our caregivers and what staff is available for your case and then we just talk about when services are desired to be started in the home so it’s a very nice visit and if you are interested in meeting with me and talking with me I’m always happy to do so, so please give us a call. Our number is 864-881-0520. (click on the pic for a video)


Welcome To Visiting Angels of Spartanburg’s Blog!

Jeanette Maxey PicWelcome to Visiting Angels of Spartanburg’s blog! My name is Jeanette Maxey and I am the owner and director of Visiting Angels of Spartanburg and Taylors SC. I plan on using this blog to post helpful information about in home living assistance, elder care and caregiving.

I  started Visiting Angels of Spartanburg and Taylors because I believe that I can offer the best in home care around. I received a first-hand view of caring for seniors while actually working as a caregiver. I understand the relationships with the clients and with the families that is needed to be a great caregiver because I have been one. I worked as a caregiver through graduate school and then went on to run a non profit for several years as a social worker.

When my own grandfather required home care, I started thinking about my life as a caregiver many years before. Realizing I wanted a more fulfilling path in life, I started looking into opportunities in our area where I could offer my perspective on home care. After searching, I concluded that by running a local Visiting Angels office, I could fulfill the need in my life to care for others and make a real difference, while having a positive impact on the community and the lives of those around me as well.

This is a calling for me that comes from my heart, and I have set up Visiting Angels of Spartanburg and Taylors to reflect it. Please look around on our website and feel free to call me with any questions about us or the services we offer. I wish you the best. Thanks for reading!