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Three Best Mobility Devices 2018

Among the most frequented reasons why a family chooses in-home healthcare in Spartanburg or wherever they live, for their loved ones is the lack of personal mobility. Although Visiting Angels of Spartanburg does our best to help, we know that we can’t always be there when they need us.

Below are some of the best personal mobility devices that we can find. Hopefully, it allows them the freedom they need until we can return to them.

RELNYC Folding Scooter

Does it ever feel as if your mobility device somehow makes getting around even more inconvenient? You aren’t the only one; even those in good health have difficulty maneuvering those bulky scooters.

At the 2018 CES Innovation awards, RELNYC debuted their revolutionary new design, pitched at an MSRP of just $3,800. Not only is the RELNYC R1 lighter and more compact, but it folds into a suitcase-like shape and can get stowed away easily in cars, airplanes, and other vehicles.

HurryCane Freedom Edition

All too often new mobility devices wind up being little more than a gimmick. However, the HurryCane Freedom Edition is a quirky, practical upgrade to the humble cane.

The HurryCane Freedom Edition completely collapses, folding up into something small enough to get stored on a seat next to you or a large pocket. Best of all, it folds back out in a matter of seconds, allowing you to go from a sitting or lying position to on your feet in no time.

Nautilus 600 Stair Lift

Numerous conditions can make walking up and down stairs treacherous. The Nautilus 600 Stair Lift is a safer solution built with comfort and ease of use in mind.

This stair lift system provides a 600-pound capacity, 90-degree swivel, and a 25-inch seat, making it the ideal choice for virtually anyone. The track stretches 40 feet, and it just needs a standard wall outlet to operate.

How Do You Know If Your Loved One Needs Respite Care?

What is respite care and how do you know when it is needed? Respite care is when the primary caregiver: often a spouse, son, or daughter, needs a break from the caregiver role. Visiting Angels of Spartanburg, Taylors & Greer is brought in for this purpose. The family member can then leave the home to complete their personal tasks of appointments, shopping, or just a time to rejuvenate. This time away allows them a much-needed break from the caregiver role. They can leave the home knowing their loved one is taken care of by one of our angels and come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Respite care may be needed if the caregiver is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or falling behind on their own personal care. Sometimes a 4 hour break a week is all that is needed to make all the difference in the world. This is not the time to feel guilty that you are not doing enough as the family member. Caregiving is a difficult job and if you, as the caregiver, are becoming run down, you cannot care to the best of your ability.

If respite care is something that would be helpful to you do not hesitate to reach out. 864-881-0520 Call Today!

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