Spartanburg Visiting Angels Your First Step

Hi, this is Jeanette Maxey, the director of Visiting Angels of Spartanburg. I am in my car again because I am doing one of my favorite things and that is going out to meet our clients. I am meeting a new client today. I just wanted to talk to you about what the first stage in the process is after I’ve gotten a phone call and families are ready to talk about services, very specifically or even ready to start services. What we do is we come out and I get to meet with all the family members who are part of the process with their loved one. I answer any questions that you guys have, make referrals for our community and assess what care needs are needed in the home. And that is really our first time together, it is a very enjoyable time, you get to meet me, you get to hear about our caregivers and what staff is available for your case and then we just talk about when services are desired to be started in the home so it’s a very nice visit and if you are interested in meeting with me and talking with me I’m always happy to do so, so please give us a call. Our number is 864-881-0520. (click on the pic for a video)


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